Distance Healing can be given to human's and animal's

We are all more than just a physical form, we also have an energy system that permeates, and surrounds our body. This energy system is made up of an aura (energy fields that take in energy), chakras (energy centres that condense the energy), and meridians (energy pathways which distributes energy around the body at different vibration).


Energy has no boundaries of distance, time, or space. As it is an intelligent energy , it will know if the recipient needs healing at this time or will know where the recipient needs healing most.

It will take initially 5 therapy sessions for the recipient's body to adjust and accept the renewed energy.

By sending me the client forms and a non-returnable photograph of the recipient, I will be able to connect to their energy and with clear intent perform distance energy therapy.

Human Client Form

Click here for human client form.

Please print off the 3 pages
  • Keep page 1 for your information
  • Please complete and return pages 2 and 3 along with a clear photograph (see Contact Page on how you would like to make the payment)

Animal Client Form

Click here for animal client form.

Please print off the 2 pages
  • Please keep page 1 for your records
  • Complete and sign page 2
  • Send me page 2 along with suitable photograph of the animal and payment.

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